Reading List

In Progress

The Da Vinci Code

By Dan Brown

  • Format: Paperback


Warrior Class

By Dale Brown

  • Format: Paperback


Lost Fleet: Dauntless (Lost Fleet series, book 1)

By Jack Campbell

  • Format: Paperback

 The Honor Of The Queen (Honor Harrington series, book 2)

By David Weber

  • Format: E-book

A Brief History Of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes

By Stephen Hawking

  • Format: E-book

Keep The Aspidistra Flying

By George Orwell

  • Format: E-book

Fallen Dragon

By Peter F. Hamilton

Cover of Fallen Dragon

Born in a colony world in 2310, Lawrence Newton hankered after the golden era of starships exploring the galaxy. But the age of human starflight was drawing to a close, so this hot-heated teenager ran away from home in search of adventure. Twenty years later, he’s the sergeant of a washed-out platoon taking part in the bungled invasion of another world. The giant corporations call such campaigns “asset realization”, but in practice it’s simple piracy.

While he’s on the ground, being shot at and firebombed by local resistance forces, Lawrence hears stories about the Temple of the Fallen Dragon — and a sect devoted to the worship of a mythical creature that fell to the ground millennia ago. More importantly, its priests are said to guard a hoard of treasure large enough to buy lifelong happiness — which information prompts him to mount a private-enterprise operation of his own.


On Basilisk Station (Honor Harrington series, book 1)

By David Weber

  • Format: E-book

The Three Musketeers

By Alexandre Dumas

  • Format: Hardback


By Poul Anderson

  • Format: Audiobook

Bleak Expectations

By Mark Evans

  • Format: Audiobook

The Gormenghast Trilogy: Titus Groan [1/3]

By Mervyn Peake

  • Format: Paperback

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