Device Manager: SABKUTIL

I’ve been helping some friends fix their computer and I ended up looking in Device Manager. Everything looked OK so I turned on “Show Hidden Devices”. A new list appeared called “Non-Plug and Play Drivers”. In there, there was an item called “SABKUTIL” with a yellow exclamation mark. Looking at the properties didn’t give much away as to what it was, other than the fact that the driver couldn’t be found (hence the exclamation mark).

I didn’t recognise this device so turned to Google. I wasn’t particularly worried about it being malicious, I was more curious about what it was and why it was in an error state. I eventually found a page on which suggests the device is related to something called “Super Ad Blocker”. Sure enough, when I went to “C:\Program Files\\Super Ad Blocker“, the file “SABKUTIL.sys” was missing. I searched the hard drive just in case it was somewhere else, but I couldn’t find it. It looked like this program had been installed once, but had since been removed. For some reason, the driver file had gone, but the device entry had been left! I therefore deleted this device, since it was no longer required and the actual driver itself no longer existed.

This didn’t solve my original problem (I didn’t really expect it to), but it doesn’t seem to have done any harm!